TRENT100 Challenge

The UK’s longest team SUP challenge


We are back in 2018 for our 3rd year and we’re really going for it to give you two days of stand up paddle boarding, music and food you’ll never forget.  Stamp the 3th/4th August in your diary and come join us.

Imagine paddling across three counties in England with a team of like-minded adventurers, just your team and your stand up paddle boards thrown against two days and 100 kilometres of fast water whilst trying to make to the finish line in a time to be proud of. This is no day picnic.

The TRENT100 promises to challenge you from the first stroke on day one in Staffordshire to the last gasp as you cross the finish line at Nottingham on day two.  Just entering it will impress your friends finishing will amaze them.

The TRENT100 is the U.K.’s longest team endurance challenge.   Challengers will start in Shugborough Hall in Staffordshire early on the Friday morning, rest overnight at the stunning Anchor Caves and finish, some of them anyway, in Nottingham on Saturday before the sun sets for a celebration at the Nottingham Riverside Festival of World Music and Arts. Our final destination is a real treat with live music and good food followed to finish with a bang.

Whilst this is a challenge not a race, teams are only allowed 20 hours to complete the course. There are checkpoints along the route where paddlers are required to sign in and sign out with one mandatory sleep at Trent Adventures opposite the Anchor Caves.  The clock will be paused at Trent Adventures and restarted the next day when teams leave the Caves.

At this time in August the weather average is a high of 21°C and a low of 12°C.  Sunrise is at 05:30 sunset at 20:54 and the hours of light: 15h 24m. Therefore, cut-off times will be associated with the 4 checkpoints based on the 20 hour pace. Failure to checkpoint deadlines is grounds for disqualification. To finish this challenge in 20 hours is a huge accomplishment.


There are weirs and locks to portage around, strainers and shallows to avoid at all costs, boils to make your board do funny things and a few very short stretches of Class II rapids to keep you on your toes or knees if you prefer.  Any time you put yourself on the water, especially moving water, you assume a certain amount of risk.

The biggest hazard to paddlers will be obstacles in the river which include bridge pilings, strainers (obstacles in the river like tree branches) and catching fins on shallow sections (mainly on the inside of river bends). Other hazards to paddlers would be motorboats, fisherman, and the occasional rowing boat.

At the pre-race meeting and safety check, racers will be briefed on specific dangers, how to pass other river traffic correctly and what constitutes public property on the river.  Paddlers will also be provided with a series of dispatches leading up to the race with details on training, strategy and safety.

Mark 1

The Trent River is incredibly scenic and isolated in some sections, with wildlife and beautiful stretches to rival any big river challenge. But if you’re trying to get a fast time, you won’t have time to enjoy any of it.

Friday night will be a time to recover with good food and music hopefully around a camp fire weather permitting. You are passed the half way point so relax catch up with old friends and make some new ones, then time to get some sleep to prepare you for day two.

You will know the finish line is getting ever closer as the green fields turn to more urban surrounding you are entering into the city of Nottingham, home of Robin Hood and the finish line where you can finally put down you paddle, celebrate with your team mates to good food and music, and enjoy the stories and praise you rightly deserve.

















Two whole days of non-stop adventure

Start Line, ST17 0XB

Start Line, ST17 0XB

Trent Adventure, Poplars Farm in Twyford, Barrow Upon Trent

Trent Adventure, Poplars Farm in Twyford, Barrow Upon Trent
7:00 AM

Trent Adventure, Poplars Farm in Twyford, Barrow Upon Trent

For everyone else you will be setting off for an stunning day of paddling ahead of you.

Trent Adventure, Poplars Farm in Twyford, Barrow Upon Trent

Trent Adventure, Poplars Farm in Twyford, Barrow Upon Trent

Riverside Bar, Trent Bridge, Nottingham

Riverside Bar, Trent Bridge, Nottingham

Riverside Bar, Trent Bridge, Nottingham

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