This event is a challenge, teams need to be well prepared, please study carefully.

In ADDITION to clothing worn by teams at the start, the following SERVICEABLE equipment must be carried.  Teams will not be allowed to start without these items and if used must be replaced.

This ADDITIONAL kit, even if vacuum sealed, will be inspected at the Start and may be checked at the Finish or at any point along the course. A time allowance will be given should everything be in order.

Mandatory Equipment
PFD (must not be inflatable) per paddler
Quick-release waist leash (SUP only) per paddler
Survival bag/blanket per paddler
Appropriate footwear per paddler
Spare dry clothes per paddler
Throw line & River Knife 2 per team
Mobile phone (in a waterproof case) 2 per team
Supplied route map 2 per team
Waterproof first-aid kit 1 per team

The following items are recommended and will enhance you enjoyment and chances of finishing the TRENT100.

Hydration pack or similar Hand sanitiser gel / wipes Sunglasses
Camping equipment Spare fin Towel
Chairs or Lazy Beds for midway point Spare paddle Spare clothes
Food (very few food stops available) Sunscreen
Insect repellent GPS watch

Emergency kit, if used, must be replaced as soon as possible, at the latest at the next checkpoint. Checkpoints are at approximately 10 kilometer intervals. Crews may not continue past them without replacing missing kit.


  1. Buoyancy aid, Quick release leash are detailed in the General Rules
  2. There is to be absolutely no paddling on the water at night